Saturday, January 10, 2009

Use Crafts as a Publicity Hook at Your Festival

If Paris Hilton can knit, then so can you. The resurgence of knitting and needle work crafts has put life into a hobby once reserved for our grandmothers - their mothers - and found in storage up in the attic.

So how does this translate to festivals and events? Seek out local companies who sell yarns. Invite them to put on demonstrations and sell their wares. You may even have a local quilt guild willing to participate.

Focus upon craft work to drive your publicity and attendance. TV stations and newspaper photographers love to show an activity. Build your stories around it.

And, find out if there are any teenagers in your area who are knitting or working with cloth crafts. If so, include them in your release.

Marketing Tip - Looking to boost the quality of crafts at your festival? Think knit one, pearl two. Capitalize upon handmade crafts in your publicity. Feature live demonstrations.

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