Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coping with this Economic Downturn

Hotels, attractions, festivals, real estate projects, restaurants, retailers - just about everyone is facing the same situation. Fewer customers and reduced revenue.

So what should you do?

Despite layoffs and all the bad economic news, people still have money. That's what I heard during a recent trip from North Carolina to Florida. Along the way, I stopped and talked with people, getting their feedback.

I was very surprised the number of tourism suppliers who do not use the Internet. They may have a Website, but do not promote it, do not have a blog, do not have interaction on their site with potential customers and do not regularly update their copy.

So no wonder sales are down!

Marketing Tip: Utilize the Internet. Post photos, videos and fresh copy weekly. Share your Website domain with current customers. Create a blog so customers can share their experiences. Add local links to places your customers would like to go.

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