Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4 - Getting on 411 isn't automatic

So you think you're listed on national 411 eh..... think again. Remember when the Bell systems were split up? Well, that deregulation affected the entire phone industry - including directory assistance.

Here's what you need to do.... 1) From your office, call 411 to see if you're listed. Then 2) have someone from say, 150 miles away, do the same. If either of those calls result in learning your festival, event, attraction, hotel or hotel is not listed, then you need to fix that problem.

Call your local phone company and have them walk you through the process to get listed on national 411.

Marketing Tip: Make sure your number is out there where it needs to be. It's free.


Cheap said...

Related, but slightly off topic ... once you are listed and if you are trying to avoid paying the phone company every time you use directory assistance, there are a number of free services that can give you listings for free.

I prefer the ones that use live operators and I don't have to worry about a computer trying to understand what I'm looking for - especially when I'm exactly sure what I need. I use 800-411-SAVE because they use real people and can find me businesses, events, people, and government listings in the US and Canada.

Hope this helps.

Greta Anita Lint said...

Thanks for that information. Since small organizations are always watching their budget, this can be very useful information.