Saturday, June 8, 2019

Using Facebook to promote your business ...

Many of us hear about Facebook communities. Yes, they do exist. They are where many of the local residents and small business owners use Facebook to communicate. Is there anything wrong with that? No. 

However, if a small business only puts their eggs into the Facebook basket, there is a major problem. If you are one of those business owners, do a Google search on your company name. You will not see any of your Facebook posts show up in a search. None. Zero. Nada. You will see photos and you will be directed to the Facebook page, but your individual posts will not show up.

So how do you get around that? There are several ways. 
  • Invest some money with a reputable company and develop a true website.
  • Take very, very good photos of your products and post them on Flickr.
  • Click "Own your business" on Google Maps and post photos on that page.
  • List your business with YELP. Keep the information updated. It's free.
  • Post information in your store directing people to your Facebook page.
  • Use other social media, such as Twitter and Instagram when you have new merchandise arrive.
  • Use your phone and record short videos, showing your self and your products, on You Tube. Put your You Tube video on your website and Facebook page. Tweet it out. Promote it every way you can.

MARKETING TIPS: It is a fallacy that if you build it people will come. They won't. You have to promote yourself, your company, your organization - whatever you do. If you are not interested in spending the time to do so, barter it out or hire it out. Otherwise, go to work for someone else. Your business will suffer.

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