Sunday, June 24, 2018

Make your print ad work for you!

Normally I don't make a post this BIG. But, with these two graphics, I had to show you the details, or lack thereof. 

Here is the tale of two ads for two events. The ads were published on the same day. They ran in a community newspaper which has won all kinds of awards for its layout, design, news and sales teams. 

Which one looks better to you? Which one was created by a real designer? Which one wasn't?

If you were wanting to participate or attend, which would catch your eye? Which one is compelling? Which ones provides you enough information to make a decision?

MARKETING TIP: When you are putting together an ad of any kind, lean upon the professionals to help you do it. Make sure it contains a compelling look, one that tells your story. Be sure to include contact information, a web site of some kind and an actual street address.

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