Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey tourism offices, don't forget the community newspaper ...

I just spoke with the PR person at a convention and visitors bureau. She routinely used to send out press releases about fun, enticing events and activities in her city. No more. She relies upon social networking and her website.

Well, I hate to tell her, but there is a world of promotional opportunity that she just cut off.

Local newspapers like to write about local happenings, yes. However, some have arts and entertainment tabloids, or even regional magazines, where they sometimes like to show what is going on elsewhere.

And yes, people do still read. Some of those publications are available online.

But editors and reporters need the information.

MARKETING TIP: Continue to send out press releases with hi-res images to print media. That world isn't dead yet. And, reporters and editors don't have time to weed through social media and website portals to find your information.

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