Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fundraising? Are you a fish out of water?

Non-profit board diversity needed for fundraising
Fundraising? Don't be a fish out of water.

An organization of farmers wants to raise money for various projects. They send letters to a lot of corporations, but get no response. They wonder why.

They're fish out of water.

Their board is comprised of farmers. Their fundraising committee is comprised of farmers.

They need people from different industrial segments, like from medicine, banking, insurance, retail, education, food and transportation on their board. They need high profile people who can make connections within their own respective industries.

You don't send a farmer to talk with an insurance company. You send an insurance person to talk with the insurance company. They talk the same lingo. They may even know one another. They can connect because they're in the same industry.

So in your community, if you are with a non-profit, try to create a diverse board which can help you with your fundraising efforts.

MARKETING TIP: A diverse board, of people who are not afraid to ask for money on your organization's behalf, will help your coffers grow and help you provide more services within your community. 

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