Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Arts councils are seeking information about diverse, minority art efforts

If you're on a non-profit board, you already know that your organization is facing some challenges. You're not alone. A recent study indicated that other non-profits are looking at broad issues, such as diversity, particularly where government funds are concerned.

I recently talked with a few CEOs of arts councils. Most of them provide some type of grant dollars to local artists and groups. However, a challenge is often actually finding diverse populations to receive the funds.

As one CEO told me, you have to really look for minority groups which have qualifying grant programs - and who want and can use the money.

MARKETING TIP: If you are with a diverse population or minority board, reach out to your local arts council and let them know you exist. When you do a fundraiser, make sure you notify your local media - at least two weeks or more in advance. Get your message out there. Your publicity efforts may pay off in the long run with free money to advance your cause.

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