Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hey bands! Listen to me! I need hi-resolution photos!!!!!

I stand on my head. I pull out my hair. I scream. Does it do any good? Apparently not. Hey bands, if you want me to promote your group, please provide a hi-res image!!

No, a 4x7 on your website doesn't cut it. I need an image that is at least 2mg in size. I'm looking at the number of pixels in the image, not the number of inches.

Print needs a good, professional hi-res image. Newspapers and magazines don't pull something from your website. As one editor once told me, "You can't create something from a postage stamp." Referring to pixels, the photo you have on your site is the same as a postage stamp. You cannot make it bigger.

Yes, you can use lo-res on your website. You can use lo-res anywhere online. But, for print, lo-res doesn't get it.

For more information on what the difference is between hi- and lo- res, click here.

MARKETING TIP: If you want your band to be promoted, provide the event organizer and publicity person good, professionally-made hi-res images. PLEASE!

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