Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can people actually read the copy on your website?

When you're creating a website, the copy is extremely important. You want to make sure it can be read. So here are some points to consider ...

1) Use a font large enough for people to read. Keep in mind that when your audience gets a little older, the font needs to be a little larger.
2) Use a standard color for your text. Search engines don't really like it when you jump from one color to the next in your regular text. That's okay if it's part of an ad, but not in your text.
3) If you insist upon using more than one color in your text, make sure it can be seen. Look at this one from the NC Aviation Museum and Hall of Fame. Blue does not show up against black. Red is a color which cannot be seen by 25% of the population. That's right. If you're color blind, red and green may show up as a gray.
4) Make sure your own contact information is clear and on the home page.
5) Keep your copy enticing and short.

MARKETING TIP: When you're creating a website, check it out on different computers to see what it looks like. It's your #1 sales tool and you want it to be seen.

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