Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sound Can Make or Break Your Event

Not all sound systems are the same. Neither are the people who set them up. This comment comes from Lizzy Long's Facebook page. She is a bluegrass entertainer who performs all over the United States:

"The number 1 rule for a good bluegrass festival.... Is spend the best part of your $$ on a good sound system AND sound person.... Then everything will fall into place...When I see XXXX sound products for bluegrass I want to stay in the bus."

I have deleted the name of the company. But you can see that entertainers do not like performing when the audience cannot hear them properly. Sound which is too loud distorts music and vocal sounds. Sound which is too low stresses the audience too. Either way, you've got a bad situation.

MARKETING TIP: Spend money on your sound. Do not cut corners. People come to hear what is being said and performed. If they have trouble hearing it, they won't return.

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