Saturday, May 19, 2012

Driving Traffic to Your Business Facebook Page

If you have a storefront - say you're a restaurant, clothing store, hardware store or an insurance agency - you can do some very inexpensive on-site advertising to promote your business Facebook page. Here are some ideas:

Place a sign in your window or on your front door inviting people to your page
Add the Facebook logo to your menu
Get a cheap hand stamp with the Facebook logo on it and stamp each receipt you print out
Put a sign in the bathroom that you're on Facebook

MARKETING TIP: Facebook doesn't allow you to invite friends to your business page, so you have to be creative in finding and developing ways to let customers and potential customers know that you, too, are on Facebook! Oh, make sure your posts are current. Make them at least 3 times a week.

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Landon Steen said...

Another way to drive traffic to your Facebook business page is to link your page to your personal Facebook account or to your other social media accounts. This type of integration can net you more visitors in the long run and provide you with better online presence. Also, if you have a business website, connect it to your page. Those are some simple ways you can do to gain traffic.