Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hotels - Easy Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility

I was a little surprised when I read this article. General managers, marketing and sales people - and front desk staff - at hotels are able to track online sales. So why not embrace the Internet?

Many hotels have a Website. It may be a stand-alone site or be a page on the corporate site. There may be a link to a map. But there are so many other portals where hotels should be. And many of them are free listings.

So if you're with a property and have down time, and I bet you do, I encourage you to spend an hour a day searching for places to post information about your hotel. Post pictures. Post videos. Create an interactive Facebook page - one where customers can post (but you can approve prior to them going live). Be everywhere!

MARKETING TIP: Utilize your staff resources to help get your message out there online.

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