Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can Others Read Your Business Card?

Your business card is your single most important sales tool. I realize many people and companies purchase the software to make their own, but you should consider the following when designing your card. I like to get mine ordered at a professional printing company because I like to have raised ink.

Is your paper sturdy? Is it flimsy?

Is there a good contrast in color between the paper and your ink - or do you have a picture on your card that prevents people from seeing your text? Do you have a dark hue background with black or navy ink for the name of your business and your contact information? Have you used proper grammar and punctuation? Is your spacing even? Have you used a font that people can read?

Can people see your information? Here are examples of two cards. Which can you see better?

MARKETING TIP: Take time to design your business card. Make sure it has all your contact information, the name of your company/organization and is easy to read. Keep it a standard size.  Oh, can people write a note on the back? You may want to consider that pretty glossy coating only on the front.

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Sweet Fairy said...

Nice post with great details. This will help me so much while designing my plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.