Thursday, February 17, 2011

About Your Email ...

Your email says a lot about you. It can either send a signal that you're in business - or that you just use your email to stay in touch and that you may or may not have a fulltime company.

If you have purchased your domain name, like I have, it is wise to also use the email that may come along with it for your business correspondence. I like to use because I get a free email with each domain I buy.

Staff there will help you set up your email so that it comes directly to wherever you normally get your email: yahoo. com,, or whatever. For people in the United States, as I get a lot of visitors to this site from overseas, Go Daddy is based in Arizona.

MARKETING TIP: Your email address signals credibility if you tie it to your domain name. If you're promoting a festival or a small business, you may want to look official. Your email is a sales tool.

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