Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meeting Planners: How NOT to Create an Online Agenda

This is the worst Website I have ever seen for a conference. You cannot easily find the agenda. It's all over the place and links to other sites.

The agenda is the most imporant aspect of any convention. People want to know if the topics are of substance. They want to know if they're money will be well-spent. If people cannot find the agenda easily, they'll blow you off and opt not to attend. Lack of participants hits your bottom line and may put your event financially in the hole.

MARKETING TIP: Put your agenda, or a link to the entire program, on the home page. Make the access point simple to find - and make your agenda simple to read. It should have the time, speaker's name and title of the session. If you want to put a description with it, do so. Your Website designer can help you do that.

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