Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Sponsors Involved

An airshow needed people to help take tickets, park cars, sell drinks and souvenirs and work the crowd. So, organizers asked a local bank to be a sponsor. Yes, the idea was to have the bank bring cash to the table, but also people.


It worked. The bank paid its employees to work the event - put them in uniform - and turned them all into sales reps. They were able to see current customers and meet potential new ones. The following month saw an increase in the number of people moving accounts to the bank - all because they had gotten to know the employees in a non-threatening, fun setting.

MARKETING TIP: Open the door for discussion with a large sponsor to see if the company's employees can be part of the sponsorship package. Encourage them to wear their company uniform or logo and seize the opportunity to pitch their own products and build new relationships with potential new customers.

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