Friday, February 19, 2010

Non-profit Organizations Can Operate Like For-Profit Businesses

Are you with an arts council, chamber of commerce, downtown development association or museum? Has your budget been cut? Congratulations! This is the best thing that could have happened to your organization. Why? Because now you can develop new revenue streams and act like a for-profit company.

The more you function, look and feel like a for-profit, the more money your organization will make. Where do you start? Bring some hungry small business people onto your board, people who know how to make money.

Acting like a for-profit takes a change in the mindset of your board, staff and executive director. It also takes a shift in how other organizations, your members and governmental bodies look at you. Poor-mouthing is the worst thing you can do; your organization will never grow or gain respect. Be creative. Have fun. Embrace the challenge of finding ways to make money, expand your clientele base and services and gain more volunteers. Yes, it can happen!

MARKETING TIP: If your organization wants to make money, massage the overall appearance so that it looks, acts and feels like a for-profit company.

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