Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where in the world are you?

As I look at Websites, one thing comes to mind pretty quickly - where are you? Just because I'm on your site doesn't mean I know where you're located.

Many sites, including those in the tourism industry, may not have on their home page, the name of their city, state or country. How many Sidney's are there? I can think of 2 - Australia and Canada. How many Lexington's are there? In the United States alone, there are 28. How many Statesville's are there? At least 2.

MARKETING TIP: Help your Website visitor out by putting in a prominent location on your home page the name of your city, state and country. Besides, it will help search engines find you, too.

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Kay Jarchow said...

Thank you, that's a good hint not only for tourism websites.