Monday, August 3, 2009

Get Creative With Your Sponsors

When Las Vegas has tourism troubles, so goes the world. Manufacturing and production were the first hit by the bad economy. Tourism started to go downhill a bit later. We're really feeling the crunch now.

Check this out - one of the world's largest casino and hotel companies posted a 91 percent drop in revenues from last year. So Las Vegas is slashing prices.

What can festivals, events, attractions and venues glean from this disturbing news? Well, not only do you have to tighten up, but you have to really watch how you spend your advertising dollars. Your sponsors are looking for additional benefits from giving you money. One way to satisfy them - and to keep your name visible - is to sit down and discuss ways you can create a newsworthy story. How can you tie what you're doing with your sponsor? Dig deep into discussion to see how you can both gain positive newsworthy publicity.

No, your release to the media isn't going to say Company A is sponsoring Festival ABC. Instead, look deep inside both entities to see if there is a connection. Then build upon that.

MARKETING TIP: Be creative with your sponsors. Find a newsworthy connection between them and your event, attraction, venue. You'll both benefit.

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