Friday, October 3, 2008

Include GPS Addresses in Releases

Do you use a GPS device? If so, then you know the value of having the proper address and coordinates.
Consider a brand new reporter or photographer to an area. A place that may be on the main drag will be easy for you to find - or may be recognizable for people in the next town. But, the new photographer or reporter may be clueless.
This situation happened in Asheboro, North Carolina right after the liquor referendum passed. I called a CBS station and alerted the assignment director to when the first drink would be poured. She needed the exact street address so her new employee could find the restaurant. "But it's a large restaurant right on the main road," I said. She replied that she really needed to give him the street address so he could plug it into his system in the van.
So now I'm double-checking all Google Earth and Mapquest addresses to make sure they indicate the proper address and location for events. Not all do and I've had to make corrections online.
Marketing Tip: Include GPS addresses in all your releases and story tips. And make sure mapping programs are correct. Check them out as much as you can.

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