Saturday, May 3, 2008

May - Want to Reach Generation Y?

Want to reach the younger crowd? There are some sites you may want to check out, such as Ypulse - but the bottom line message is use the Web. That was the focus of a recent meeting in Sydney, Australia. Check out this article from the Sydney Morning Herald....
Tourism told to use web to attract Gen Y

May 2, 2008 - 12:10PM

Tourism businesses should be using Facebook and creating a buzz around their companies to draw Generation Y workers to plug the skills shortage, a conference has been told.

Young Australian Tourism Export Council (YATEC) NSW chair Anna Guy told an ATEC symposium on Friday that young people could be a business best tool in attracting other young people to work at their company.

Ms Guy said not only did Gen Y have hundreds of contacts via social networking sites such as Facebook, but they were often the best person to get other young people excited about working for a company.
"If you have a person who's happy in their job, it's all about bragging rights," Ms Guy told the conference.

"(And) if they're talking to the friend who's working in a (boring) bank, they're going to get over the money pretty fast because they're not having fun."

For young people success was not just about money but about gaining experiences, enjoying their jobs and making a difference, she said.
"If you have young people come into work and you're excited and you're having fun ... people will notice that," she said.

"... In tourism we're selling dreams and offering experiences, and if we can talk to young people about that they're going to listen."
Ms Guy said companies who concentrated on exciting employees would gain by retaining their workers and having them spread the word to others.

But, she said, many employers failed to retain young staff because they did not recognise that many young people were quite conservative and had well-planned goals, not all of which revolved around work.

For example, YATEC research showed that while they were happy to go out drinking with their friends, young people did not want to go out and "get hammered" with work colleagues because mixing work and play did not fit in with their priorities, she said.

"They've got yoga and boxing at 6am the next morning because it's all about being successful in every aspect of life, not just their careers," Ms Guy said.
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May Marketing Tip - Court younger people to your attractions, festivals and events by creating blogs on Facebook, My Space and others. Go where the young folks go. Learn all you can. Get comfortable searching the Web.

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