Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30 - Small Festivals, Events, Attractions Need Computer Back-up too!

If you're on a server, then chances are that your network administrator backs up all your computer data on a routine basis.

However, most small festivals, events and attractions aren't so lucky, instead depending upon external hard drives, shadow copies and the like.

I'll be brief. Don't get a MAXTOR. Do a Google search and you'll see nightmares. I'm living one now.

You think you're doing the right thing by backing up, only to later learn your unit may suddenly die. Mine did. And don't let the little mini units fool you. They may not be able to power up on your computer. So get something that is a little expensive, has an external power supply and don't let it run all the time. Turn it on only when you're using it.

MARKETING TIP - Explore backup options, even if it means saving all your documents on the Internet. Seek out tech people and ask them for advice.

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