Monday, February 11, 2008

February - Make the Internet Work for You!

We always think that we have to promote our event before it occurs. That's true. But by using the Internet, you can showcase your festival year 'round, gain more traffic to your Website and increase your attendance next year.


This year, create a blog for your event. Then, set up a "hot" spot at your festival, complete with laptops. Encourage people to post their experiences - even to the point of uploading images.

The traffic you'll create on your blog will make search engines notice your activity. That alone will increase your search ranking - and that's something we all want. Videos can be posted on You Tube and linked to the blog. Photos can be submitted to sites like Flickr and included in a blog post. The more activity you have in various places on the Web, the more traffic you'll get to your actual Website. And, that my friends, brings foot traffic to your event.

Marketing Tip - Learn to make the Internet work for you.

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