Sunday, January 22, 2006

January Tip - Calendar Editors

What's a calendar editor?

Look in a magazine or newspaper, and you'll probably find a list of things to do. No, there's very little information, just the basics. But, that's all many people need to learn about your festival or event.

Do you send out press releases to calendar editors? Do you know their deadlines? Do you know who your local and regional calendar editors are? Do they know you? Do you know what they want from you?

Marketing Tip - Call every publication you send your releases to - and a few new ones - and build a relationship with the calendar editor.

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Diane said...

Greta, thanks for the informative tips. I will bookmark this blog, as I am sure I will be returning to read your tips. As my current organization has a weak marketing department, we need all the tips we can get. Seems our design department has to recommend ideas to marketing. Thanks again!