Monday, June 4, 2018

What is your #1 sales tool? Your business card!

In my classes, I talk a lot about business cards. They are your #1 sales tool. It is what business people exchange and keep for reference. Your sales kit may go by the wayside, but information from your card will usually be kept.

So to reiterate what I have said before ...

  1. Keep your business card a standard shape of 2 inches x 3-1/2 inches. Odd sizes just don't work.
  2. Make your font large enough for people to read without having to squint or put on their glasses. 
  3. Keep your font legible. Oh, I could scream how many times I have seen an artsy-fartsy cursive font that no one can read.
  4. Put the basic facts - your name, phone, email, address. Yes, people want to know where you hang your coat.
  5. Use a heavy card stock. A flimsy one says you are not reputable and that you are a here-today, and may gone tomorrow person.
  6. Logos are nice, but not necessary.
  7. Keep the back available to jot a message on it.

MARKETING TIP: Your business card is your #1 sales tool. Put some thought into its design. Please.

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