Saturday, March 10, 2018

Candidate Linda Coleman needs to learn about domain names

Folks, it's imperative that you purchase your own domain name. Why? Here's a classic example. A woman ran for a top government office. She bought the domain name for that election, but failed to keep it. Then before the next election, some Russian dude had it.

Is this woman fit for office? Maybe or maybe not. But she needs to ditch her advisors.

Here's another example. A woman farmer had the same name as a convicted felon more than 500 miles away. The convicted felon had the website. Do you think that could have caused a problem for the farmer? Yes, it could.

Buying a website is like purchasing an insurance policy. In this day when everything is online, it's absurd NOT to purchase your domain name. Go Daddy sells them for $10 or so a year. If your name isn't available, buy the next best selection. Go Daddy will show you options. Protect yourself.

MARKETING TIP: If you are self-employed, buy your domain name, regardless of the name of your company. If you are a student, a parent, a job seeker - be smart. Buy your own domain name. Potential voters, employers, creditors, neighbors, etc. will check you out. 

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