Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finding the right type of board member ...

Companies, non-profits, towns and cities all have boards and commissions of some kind. For a company, it may be a recreation committee. A non-profit may have a board of directors. A governing body will have planning boards, beautification committees, etc. You get my drift.

Well, sometimes the members aren't exactly productive. They aren't fully on board with the mission. Their position is one of status, so they think.

How do you find board members who are really good? You set up interviews.
I invite you to read this and find out the types of questions to ask. They will help you find the right persons for your needs.

MARKETING TIP: When you bring on the right kind of person for your organization, board, committee, word will get out in a positive way. The perception of what you do will bring good will and good press. 

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