Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cold calling pointers

Are you in sales? Every small business owner is. You have a product/service you want to sell. Right? If you're in sales, or are a first-timer, here are some pointers....
  • Research the company you're calling on before you knock on the door. Find out what their products are, who the company decision maker is and their busy season. 
  • Listen. Listen. Listen. It's more important for a potential customer to talk about themselves than it is for you to talk about your product or service. The more they talk, the better they'll feel about you.
  • Never accept NO. That's a standard answer. It can mean "I have no time to talk with you," "I don't know who you are" or "I"m not the person you need to talk with." To me, NO just opens the door to go back.
  • Before you ask for a contract, spend time getting to know your potential client. Sales are made on relationships, not your rate card.
  • Look like you have your act together. I met with two exterminator companies last week. Each one's price, product and procedure was the same. The difference was that one had the paperwork in place for me to sign when he showed up.. No, that wasn't a cold call. But still....
MARKETING TIP: Selling isn't usually something you can do overnight. It takes patience and determination - along with a good handshake, a nice business card and sincerity. 

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