Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Russians hack into Tennessee farmers' market website - steal domain

You never know when someone is going to come along and steal your website and/or domain. That happened to me in 1999. I was one month into a new job when my organization's website went dark. I learned the bill had not been paid several months earlier, thereby allowing a local jerk to buy up the domain name. He kept it for a year and we bought it back. Yes, it was part of a local political vendetta and my organization survived, but we took a hit. We had not been hacked, but robbed.

Now I see that Russian hackers stole a farmers' market's domain. The farmers' market is located in Tennessee. There is no logic here. It's just plain theft and meanness. What are some ways to prevent this from happening? One way is to make your site private and to make sure you own it. Not sure? Who Is and Go Daddy have online portals to help you find out. If you can, so can robbers.

MARKETING TIP: Your website is not only your best online portal, but it is an investment. Protect it. Keep your passwords in a safe place and share that information with one more person. Who knows what might happen to you? Consider paying a few dollars more to have your site private. 

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