Thursday, December 13, 2012

Searching for Free Publicity for Your Event

It's the holidays and you're looking for free publicity. So is everyone else. To make sure your event stands out in the crowd, here is a simple guideline:

1) Send written information to your local media outlet. You can use fax, email or deliver your written message in person.
2) Include a contact name and day and night phone numbers. Include area code, as many communities now use the area code when dialing.
3) Be specific. Include what the event is, the exact street address, hours, cost, parking information and anything else which is pertinant. Is this an indoor or outdoor event? Is food available? Is the event handicapped accessible? Can you provide a hi-res digital image by email or on a flash drive?
4) Most media will not respond to let you know they received your information. So it is appropriate to give a phone call to make sure they got your written information.
5) Keep in mind that all media outlets are working with reduced staff while still preparing 5 or more hours of TV content a day or a full newspaper a day. So the easier you can make it for them - "spoon feed info" - the better. Your information will rise to the top of the stack.
6) Send a short thank you note after your piece has been printed or broadcast. You can do it by postal mail or email.

MARKETING TIP: To avoid errors and to get your information where you want it to be with your local media outlets, provide information in writing. Do not expect reporters and editors to call you as  they may have done in years past. Their plate is overflowing.

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