Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Using Facebook as an inner-office communications tool

Do you feel like an outsider looking in on your organization or company? Do you feel left out? Do you have to depend upon inner-office rumor? Do you feel left out in the dark? One great way to remedy the situation is to set up a closed group on Facebook. It is limited only to the people you want to include. For example, a non-profit can set one up for staff and volunteers. A company can set one up for all employees.

It's simple. You just set up a group account and keep it closed to the public. Everyone in the page can see all the postings.

Why should you keep everyone in the informational loop? It's simple. If you don't, employees and volunteers get discouraged and unhappy. Their lack of enthusiasm is picked up by customers. Discouraged and unhappy volunteers and employees result in poor customer service - which IS noticed by current and prospective customers.

MARKETING TIP: Keep your employees and volunteers in the informational loop. Meetings can be very time consuming and unproductive. So set up on online communications portal. It's easy and worth every post!

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