Thursday, December 4, 2008

Email Signature

Do you use a signature in your email? It's a great way to promote your blog, Website or whatever you want to promote. Plus, it's just a nice gesture.

Here are a few pointers on elements to include:

1) Your email address
2) Your phone number
3) Your first and last name, not just a nickname or a first name
4) Some type of separation, like a line or a different color of font, to indicate your signature isn't part of your email body.
5) Your blog and Website addresses - but do not include the www and http. Filters are catching those so your message may not be delivered.
6) A low-res image of your event, your work or your passion
7) A promotional tag line of some kind or your logo
8) Keep your signature simple

Marketing Tip: An email signature can drive traffic to your Website and blog and can promote your business, festival or attraction.

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