Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Way to Attract International and Domestic Travelers

Newcomers are tourists, first. They come and check out an area to see if it's suitable. Some are from the USA - others from abroad. So we know the international tourists are in the United States. But how do we continue to attract them? Traditionally speaking, one of the best ways is to work with your local and state tourism offices. Many states actively court international business.

But aside from that, what can you do? Work the Internet. For instance, do a search of your town, attraction, festival or state. Search the same categories on the same-named towns in other states (like there are 28 Lexingtons in the USA), or in neighboring towns. What shows up? Are there any forums or chat rooms where people are looking for tourist and relocation information? You'll be surprised by the Q & A you see.

Marketing Tip: Pretend you're a tourist and ask some questions in your searches. Researching the Internet will reveal free places for you to promote your destination.

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Benzamin said...

excellent!! Very nice Greta